Ed Sheeran

Runaway Songtext / Lyric

Ed Sheeran - Runaway Songtext

Back pack, and a flat cap, turned to the back
'Cause I packed my clothes up
My dad wasn't in without that plant too bit tired and turns to show up
I don't wanna live this way
Gonna take my things and go
If things change in a matter of days
Could be persuaded to hold up
And mama was the same
None of us are saints
I guess that God knows that
I don't wanna runaway
And one of these days I might just show that
Put my home in a suitcase
Tie both shoelaces, and hold that
Things change, but for now I leave town with a backpack on my shoulder But I love him from the skin to my bones
But I don't wanna live in this home
There's nothing to say 'cause he knows
I'll just runaway and be on my own .

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